iOS 7 Icon Template

For Photoshop and Sketch | V4


Created by Rob Sim, a UI/UX designer who spends too much time on Dribbble and doesn't pay his blog enough attention. If there are any problems or features you would like added, please contact him.

Build based on the need for a beautiful, easy way to export production ready icons for iOS 7. Edit once, every sample icon changes!* This awesome iOS 7 app icon template includes iTunesArtwork, iTunesArtwork@2x, iPhone, iPhone@2x, iPad, iPad@2x, Settings, Settings@2x, Spotlight and Spotlight@2x, all in Photoshop (PSD) format! All the icons you need for production, ready to go!

These are free to use, but please do not distribute them! I'd love it if you linked back here if you use them anywhere! Enjoy!

Special thanks to Marc Edwards, Manfred Schwind, and Michael Flarup.

*Photoshop Only, Sketch does not support these features
**If you would prefer to download regularly: Photoshop, Sketch
Copyright Rob Sim